Popular genres of music in the world today

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What genres of music are there? There are many different genres of music in the world. The artistic nature of music means that these genres are often subjective and of their own accord, and some genres may overlap.

Electronic Dance Music

Dance is a genre of music with vibrant sounds

A staple of clubs and bars, this is electronic music that has its roots in disco as well as pop. It was successful in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the introduction of upbeat music.

Commonly known as EDM, these genres of music are produced by DJs, who add dozens of tones to a track to create unique music. You can hear them in clubs or on music sites and songs.

Dance is a genre of music with vibrant sounds

In the early twenties, electronic dance music was known as Jamaican dub music, Kraftwerk electronic music, Giorgio Moroder disco music, Yellow Magic Orchestra, etc.

Rock and Roll – one of the popular music genres

Rock and Roll

In the early 1950s, another new genre called “rock and roll” (or “rock’n’roll”) was created by musicians who could play both R&B and Western Swing – a popular style. variation of country dance music.

This new track is played on the same set of instruments as the R&B – electric guitar, double bass, and drums. The genre has strong blues beats and an R&B feel, but its melody is more like country music. The lyrics when mixed with the music sound very interesting and it quickly became popular, especially among young people. Often heard on rock and roll records or the radio.

One of the first bands to record was “Bill Haley and His Comets”, who had a hit single with Rock around the Clock in 1954. They were heavily influenced by R&B artists such as Louis Jordan and Big Joe Turner, as well as many others like Little Richard and Chuck Berry, whose 1956 single Roll Over Beethoven became a huge hit. Jerry Lee Lewis, who wowed audiences with his wild piano playing, also became very popular.

Rock Music


Rock music is suitable for people with a “rebellious” style

Many young musicians around the world studied music early on, bought blues and R&B records, and learned to play them. Not long after, they combined these older styles with rock and roll to create a new genre called “rock music” or “rock”.

Originating from “Rock & Roll” in the United States, rock music has rocked the world since the 1950s. These genres are a form of music that really started around string instruments, but now also use other modern instruments so it is a bit difficult to give an exact definition.

The fast-paced and powerful genre of this music makes it popular among young people. Some of the rock stars who have popularized this culture include Little Richard, Bill Haley, and Chuck Berry while rock bands like Pink Floyd, The Doors, Metallica, Nirvana, and Megadeth are the modern bands that have brought the culture to This became popular.

Jazz music


Most African-American musicians only play blues, but some also play classical music and learn European harmonies. Some even blend European harmonies with blues rhythms and scales, and it is from this blend that “jazz” is born.

One of jazz’s greatest musicians was trumpeter Louis Armstrong, who helped develop many jazz styles. He was then in New York City in the 1930s when big band jazz and swing was growing. Jazz genres were extremely popular in the 1940s, becoming the music that almost everyone danced to.

Some of the greatest jazz orchestras are those led by the Duke of Wellington, Earl of Persie, and Fletcher Henderson, who played with Louis Armstrong. All of the most popular singers of the day, like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole, sang with the jazz orchestra.

But due to many factors, many young musicians in the 1950s no longer wanted to play in the Jazz Orchestra. They wanted the freedom to improvise and start experimenting in their own band. Before long, they were playing exciting new genres like bebop and modal jazz.

These new genres of music weren’t as easy to dance like jazz, so they weren’t as popular, but they found a new audience of serious listeners who see modern jazz as art, not art. popular music.

Blues music – famous music genres

Blues music

When millions of Africans were brought to America as slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries, their tunes and rhythms went with them. They knew that singing together made the job easier, and it was in these working songs that African rhythms and melodies were preserved until the end of slavery in 1865.

Many people have learned to play famous dance songs and tunes for money. But whenever they sing and play, African tunes of old compositions can be heard. And when they express their feelings by creating new songs, African melodies will ring in the tracks.

The genre we now call “blues” is a combination of the freshness of African and Western music. Some blues songs tell stories of heartbreak, and these songs are often slow and sad. But some themes are about love or fun, and when that happens, the melody will be fast-paced so that listeners can dance along.

Many different styles and genres of blues developed over the years, some in small towns in the American South and others in large cities. But wherever music was played, listeners would hear sounds that would influence nearly every genre of later popular music, from jazz and soul to hip hop.

Country music

Countryside music
Some country instruments such as mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro guitar, bass

Country music was one of the earliest genres of modern American popular music, and classical music was its first style. The genre developed in the southeastern states of the United States as a fusion of folk music from the British Isles, church music, and African-American blues.

Another popular genre of American music has its roots in the 1920s. Country music has its roots in American folk and western music. It is formed using simple forms of musical instruments ranging from electric guitars to drums and mandolin or organ. Some very famous country singers include Shania Twain, Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, and Kenny Rogers, etc.

Some country instruments such as mandolin, guitar, banjo, dobro guitar, bass

Hip Hop

Hip Hop
The hip-hop genre has created a lot of new musical style creations

When hip hop music first developed in the late 1970s, very little was known about the genre. It was created in the poorest boroughs of New York City by African-American teenagers.

Thanks to hip hop singles and albums that topped the charts worldwide, Hip Hop is considered one of the most popular music genres of the 21st century. Many famous Pop songs have made the influence of 21st century Pop even stronger.

The hip-hop genre has created a lot of new musical style creations

Pop singers and rappers often collaborate to produce tracks with catchy pop choruses and rap verses like the single See You Again, the collaboration between pop singer Charlie Puth and rapper Wiz Khalifa topped rankings in 96 countries in 2015.

Since 2010, exciting new styles and genres of underground hip hop and rap have been created by young artists who started their careers by releasing a free mixtape and using social media. to build a following and attract offers in the music industry.

Pop Music

Pop music is the most popular genre

“Pop” is a term that is known as one of the popular music genres. With roots in the rock & roll style, this type of music can include any form of music from dance to rock, country, and Latin.

The most used instruments are electric guitar, synthesizer, as well as bass and one, can listen to this music genre by listening to songs by Britney Spears, Madonna, Beyonce Lady Gaga, and of course “King of Pop” ” – Michael Jackson.

Pop music is the most popular genre

Music genres Pop’s famous music created as many hits as possible. Songs that become hits almost always share some characteristics that are sometimes referred to as the pop formula. They have a good rhythm, catchy melody, are easy to remember, and easy to sing. These songs often have a chorus that is repeated several times to add more melody to the song.

Soul Music

Soul music

Soul music is one of the most popular genres of African-American music, leading to many later genres, from funk and dance to hip hop and contemporary R&B. It developed in the United States in the late 1950s from African-American church music.

After slavery ended in 1865, African-Americans were not welcome in white-American churches, so they built their own churches and sang Christian songs with style. manner and rhythm of African-American vocals.

They sing joyful, high-tempo gospel songs while clapping their hands and moving to the beat, and they sing slower gospel songs that express deep emotions such as longing for God’s love. These different styles lead to the two main styles of soul music.

The two main soul styles are the strong, dynamic style called “deep soul” and the smooth, the beautifully produced style called “Memphis soul”. Soul music today can be considered one of the most popular genres of music.

The above article is information about popular music genres today. There are many genres of music. Depending on your personal preferences, you can choose the right music for you to relax.

Spotify vs Soundcloud – Which is the best music service?

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Spotify and SoundCloud are two of the best platforms for music lovers. Compare Spotify and SoundCloud to see which music service to choose.


Spotify is a very powerful, popular, and easy-to-use platform for music lovers. One of the biggest advantages of Spotify is having a large, free music database where you can find all the best music and it’s completely free if we may add.

Spotify brings moods and genres that give you a current feel and vibe that you’re playing the right music.

If you’re practicing and trying to lift your spirits, you can choose a Boost Confidence playlist and the music will follow your current state of mind.


Also with Spotify, you can get some song and music recommendations based on the songs you listen to every day.

For some really big music lovers, you can also pay a little and have the option to download your playlist and you can also listen to it offline.


SoundCloud is also a very popular and good platform used by many music lovers. Some would say it’s the best place for lesser-known artists and remixes and covers.

If you take a closer look, you’ll find all you need to know about SoundCloud in their tagline. You can listen to what you love and share the sounds you make on this amazing audio platform.

So basically you’ll have an app with access to popular music as well as some unique and rare mixes and sounds that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, it’s easy to say that SoundCloud reaches different music lovers and audiences with the best streaming services.


In addition, SoundCloud also allows you to listen to radio stations with songs similar to your favorite.

One of the best things about SoundCloud is that the add-ons are very short and very timely, so you can run on add-ons that are very rarely able to skip and get back to your music. , this is a very nice and useful part of the service that SoundCloud provides.

From here, we can easily conclude that you cannot choose one over the other. It’s simple, both are great for music lovers.

You can use both for a variety of reasons, if you want to create your own playlists and have a variety of music you listen to every day with Spotify and if you want an emotional boost or some status-appropriate music your current with SoundCloud.

Both are very good and give you the best possible experience, of course, it depends on what you are looking for.


In terms of music quality, Spotify is far ahead of Sound Cloud. However, customer-generated playlists are being made available in Sound Cloud, and that’s probably the only thing that could benefit them.

Nothing else can help them get ahead of Spotify. In terms of paid subscribers, Spotify holds the largest number and the number now reaches 70 million. Meanwhile, Sound Cloud has only 3 million paid subscribers.

Soundcloud and Spotify are two of the most relevant audio streaming services on the internet today. Both are powerful and inspired to provide the best quality at the cheapest price.

That’s why it can be difficult to judge which one is the best. However, while discussing Spotify vs SoundCloud, it must be considered that each platform offers a different type of streaming experience. Anyhow, here we are placing two of the most powerful music streaming platforms.


soundcloud vs spotify

An overview of important factors such as music library, sound quality, AI-based automatic playlists, and music recommendations. In addition, we will evaluate them by discussing the pros and cons as well as the technical specifications.

Sound quality and music library

In terms of sound quality, there is nothing to match Spotify, as it offers true lossless music.

If you are using the free version with banner ads, you will be provided with 160kbps audio and you will be able to manage your digital music files.

Moreover, with built-in social networking features, you can connect with many other users.

If you’re on the $9.99 paid Spotify plan, it offers unlimited access to 30 million tracks. The paid version will also have pre-releases, songs on demand, and offline playback.

The paid version also offers true lossless music quality at 320 kbps, AAC. In terms of music quality, you will be disappointed when comparing SoundCloud with Spotify, as SoundCloud is offering 128 kbps.

About music catalog and library

SoundCloud is offering more than 125 million songs and all are free. These songs are also user-uploaded, and it creates an opportunity for SoundCloud to be seen as an important competitor to music streaming giants like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music, and more. other similar types of streaming services.

Whenever music or song is uploaded to the SoundCloud server, it is automatically converted to 128 kbps audio format and this music quality is relatively poor compared to other competitors like Spotify and Apple Music.

So if you want to know which will provide better music quality, it would be Spotify.

In terms of music catalog and library, SoundCloud will have a deep collection, as its library is created by users and users can upload their songs directly to SoundCloud. SoundCloud has never been able to match Spotify’s quality.


Both of these streaming service providers cover almost all types of platforms. Here, Spotify can be accessed from Android iOS, smartphones, Macs, PCs, and game consoles.

More importantly, it is accessible through web browsers. Sound Cloud, on the other hand, has two mobile apps. The main app focuses on streaming and sharing features.

However, there is another app called SoundCloud Pulse which is only released for Android and iOS. Like Xbox, it also has apps available for Mac and Windows.

Share on social networks

Spotify and Soundcloud both allow users to share their playlists on social media. Spotify users are also allowed to explore other users’ playlists.

SoundCloud also works similarly and it allows music downloaders to share music or playlists on any social media platform.


In terms of specifications, SoundCloud’s performance is worse, as its paid plan audio quality only offers 128 kbps mp3 format.

It does not provide any platform or specific application for Mac OS and Mac Users will have to use it from web browsers.

SoundCloud and Spotify both offer offline download and playlist sharing.

When it comes to specification, Spotify should be considered the best, as it offers 320 kbps Ogg Vorbis music quality and it is called true lossless music.

Apart from Spotify, only Tidal offers lossless music and the price is also higher. Where Spotify offers lossless music for $9.99 a month, Tidal costs $19.99 per month.

Using Spotify, users will be able to share their playlists and they will also be allowed to explore other users’ playlists. Also, its AI-based music recommendation is considered the best.


Huge music collection and super quick access to previous releases as well as newly released songs

Spotify has a huge music collection with over 30 million songs and paid users will have unlimited access to all of them.

Additionally, paid subscribers will also be able to access pre-releases and newly released songs.

Because Spotify has the largest network agencies that work closely with artists, Spotify also offers the largest collection of pre-releases.

Sorted Playlist

If you’re thinking of constantly finding new music, curated playlists in Spotify would be a great way to do it, as Spotify adjusts users’ playlists regularly and recommends playlists. It depends on the user’s choice and listening behavior.

A suitable free version

The free version may not offer the best quality, but it will give you access to the library. However, there will be ads and you won’t be able to split the music as often, but the free version is worth a try!

Artist-related content like artist interviews, bios…

It was mentioned that Spotify has the closest network of collaborations with artists and has always maintained close interaction with the artists.

Spotify is known for regularly producing artist-related content like interviews and biographies.

A great algorithm for discovering weekly playlists

Also, Spotify’s AI-based technology is a real treat, as it provides a great algorithm for discovering weekly playlists and sharing them with paid subscribers.


Artist registration

While using SoundCloud, users will be able to subscribe to artists. Since SoundCloud is entirely made up of content uploaded by artists, users will be able to follow their favorite artists and it’s the same as following your favorite artists on YouTube.


SoundCloud provides links to related music based on your listening behavior, however, its AI-based technology does not match the technology Spotify is offering.

The ability to follow everyone

SoundCloud offers the option to follow people, and this way users will be able to listen to other people’s playlists.

Whenever your individual or personal followers select a song as a favorite, you will be notified immediately.

The Discover tab constantly offers new music

SoundCloud comes with a discovery tab and regularly offers new music. In addition, the discovery board can be customized on a genre or tag basis.

Since SoundCloud has a huge collection of over 125 million songs, (although most of them are not worth listening to, as there are no filters in the upload process and anyone can upload almost anything) so SoundCloud constantly appears new music.

Free to use

SoundCloud is completely free to use and you don’t need to log in or sign up for an account to listen to SoundCloud, which makes it more of a radio streaming service.


While there are very few downsides to using Spotify, let’s take a look at those. The free Spotify account has a lot of ads and it must be considered one of the most annoying downsides. Also, the free version won’t let you skip regular songs.

That means you have to listen to the playlist they are offering if you don’t buy a subscription. Even then, the free version is still worth listening to because it offers AI-based playlists curated according to your listening habits.

Unfortunately, the free version of Spotify doesn’t offer more than 128 kpbs, but it’s better than the quality of music SoundCloud has to offer.


While comparing SoundCloud’s cons to Spotify’s cons, SoundCloud would be wiped out pretty easily. One of the most terrible problems that SoundCloud users are facing is its bugs.

SoundCloud’s website is poorly maintained and it has a lot of problems. According to a recent survey conducted among music streaming service listeners, the SoundCloud website was voted the worst-performing platform.

Websites and apps are full of bugs, including notifications and favorites. As a user-oriented streaming platform, uploading music should go smoothly with SoundCloud, however, the most difficult thing is that uploading music and audio is quite difficult when using SoundCloud

SoundCloud’s sound quality is terrible when compared to other streaming providers like Apple, Amazon, and Google Music.

While Amazon and Google Music are offering the same bitrate, 128kbps, SoundCloud’s audio is often pretty sketchy. Some SoundCloud content also includes sponsored podcasts and audio ads, thus resulting in poorer quality.

Moreover, SoundCloud may have a collection of 125 million songs, but expert opinion is not so, as most of them are songs by new singers or singers who want to be singers. singers and you know exactly, the number of that kind of singers in the world.

Apart from all of this, you won’t be able to perform advanced searches when using SoundCloud. To be precise, you won’t be able to perform custom searches when using SoundCloud.

Users have also reported issues when performing advanced searches and SoundCloud’s internal search engine unable to perform tag-based searches.

If a song has the tag “Dirt” and if you put “Dirt” in the search box, you will not show the correct results. Instead, you must search for the same uploader who uploaded the song or track with the “dirty” tag.

SoundCloud also has a paid version and costs around $7 per month, however, we recommend against it, like Spotify, Google Music, Apple, and Amazon all offer paid subscriptions for just $9.99. la every month.


comparison soundcloud vs spotify

Spotify has become the best music streaming service provider, as it has over 65 million paid subscribers. Its closest rival is Apple Music is somewhere between 35-40 million paid subscribers, according to their latest annual report. However, you’ve got better music quality at a reasonable price, there’s no substitute for Spotify.

In terms of dominance, Spotify dominates the Australian market, as Apple and Google have very few paid subscribers there and Amazon is just starting its journey in Australia. When it comes to Europe, both Apple and Spotify are working hard to offer the best at the cheapest prices.

However, if we consider the number of paid subscriptions, Spotify will also beat Apple in Europe. While looking at the US, Apple only surpassed Spotify in terms of paid subscriptions.

5 non-copyright free, and free video background music stores

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Are you looking for good background music, non-copyrighted video background music, and above all good background music for you to run Facebook ads? Finding the right background music for a video is difficult, finding a video soundtrack that doesn’t infringe on the copyright is a thousand times harder. Have you ever been blocked by Youtube or Facebook due to music copyright infringement? Or encounter worse cases such as not being able to run Facebook ads, having videos deleted just because of the video background music.

First, to make good videos, you need to read and understand carefully the Creative Commons License. Then I will tell you 5 free video background music stores that do not infringe copyright so you can have a perfect video, avoiding the hassle of a Facebook fan page or Youtube channel.

What is the non-copyrighted video background music?

Non-copyrighted video background music is music licensed under Creative Commons. If you use music to add to the video, it must be your own music, or the music is not copyrighted. Especially the clips uploaded to Youtube or used to run Facebook ads.

Creative Commons license is the collective name for many copyright licenses that have been around since late 2002. The peak was after 2012, when plagiarism and copyright disputes increased, and technology companies like Google and Facebook get involved.

They are tough on all videos with infringing background music, even though those videos make a lot of money from advertising. That’s why now when you look through many videos made 5 – 10 years ago, you will find that the video has no sound at all, or has no sound at all.

People who do MMO (Make Money Online) will definitely be the ones who know the best about copyrighted and non-copyrighted music. Many people have lost everything since tech companies took the background music videos seriously. As for agencies, they also have to know the stock of non-copyrighted background music videos to make advertisements for customers.

Because of this problem, many big companies have set up a department specializing in producing music, both to sell and to serve the company’s customers.

Creative Commons

Summary of 5 Music Stores with Video Backgrounds or Not Copyrighted:

Below is a compilation of a list of website addresses that provide free video background music and, more importantly, without copyright for you to feel free to use. Hope you will find satisfactory background music for your video products.

Non-copyrighted Youtube background music

Youtube Audio Library is the largest repository of free video background music among royalty-free music sites. There are millions of free music tracks here with filters by Genre, Mood, Instrument, Time… for users to easily search.

youtube music audio


Facebook video background music store

To race to follow Youtube, Facebook has also built its own non-copyrighted video background music store. Facebook also has a store of sound effects like Youtube for you to insert into Videos for more vividness

facebook sound collection


Jamendo Free Background Music Sharing Community

As one of the first free music video stores created, but Jamendo was judged by users to be a bit difficult to use due to its difficult interface to find music. In addition, this website also has the disadvantage that it only uses the French language, does not integrate many languages, or uses English. Jamendo’s music store is also a bit picky about users because of the strange music taste. If compared to the background music video of Facebook and Youtube, Jamendo is still far behind.



Bensound free high-quality background music store

Considered to be quite easy to use, Bensound is a music store with many high-quality free music tracks. About the filter, Bensound only filters by genre, not as diverse as Youtube and Facebook



Exciting background music – Free EDM NoCopyrightSounds

As a channel on Youtube, No Copyright Sounds (NCS music) emerged with a separate EDM array. But that comes with incredibly complicated terms of use. To use this channel’s video background music, you must write in the video description “Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds” along with the music link you received.

This will make it difficult to run Facebook ads and make money from Youtube. But NCS is still a top music store for Youtubers because their music is of high quality and is also mixed in a very delicate way.

no copyright sound


10 sites you should upload your music to

June 12th, 2021 by

If you want the masses to hear your music, you should make it available to the world through these ten online services. The sites mentioned here offer you the opportunity to distribute EPs or entire albums for free – without a label. Some services even open the gates to the largest streaming portals for you. And who knows how many new fans of your music can be found as a result?  

Perhaps uploading your music to these websites and online services is not your best bet and maybe, as a reader of Delamar suggested by email, you can even attract more people to you, your band, and your music with classified ads in local newspapers and Ebay Clues.   

But one thing is still clear: Those who do not offer their music on the international marketplace are missing out on thousands and thousands of opportunities to find new fans of their music. And the effort for this is even relatively clear: It only costs your time. There are numerous portals out there that offer a variety of options, and for this article, I have simply picked out ten that I have particularly noticed in the past and linked them for you. Have fun with it!


YouTube is a video portal. But there are so many people here that it makes sense to upload your music here and add a short video. YouTube is one of the portals with the most hits. And you know yourself that clicks on YouTube are worth gold in our digital times. Uploading songs or concert videos or recordings from the rehearsal room is easy and quick on YouTube.  


 On this portal, those interested can combine their favorite music into a radio station. Here, among other things, commercial bands and songs are played alongside the music of unknown bands. last. fm is sure to become even more popular in the future.  



 If you make your music available on the Internet under a Creative Commons license, then Jamendo is the right contact for you. There are fantastic bands here. In addition to EPs, Jamendo can also publish entire albums and – depending on the license you choose – release them for further exploitation. In addition, the site’s download archives are free of advertising.  

how to use soundcloud


In the course of its existence, SoundCloud has blossomed into THE online music service, and yet it has already experienced many a downturn. Your music is in good hands here. The cooperation and advertising platform serve many A&R managers as a hunting ground. Your uploaded pieces can be released for download and can be easily integrated into websites.  



 Bandcamp is exactly the right place for (still) less well-known artists. Here you not only make yourself heard: you get valuable feedback and constructive criticism from other musicians and you can also sell records. Another plus: the integration into common social networks is done in no time. Songs can be listened to online in full length and, if desired, downloaded for a fee.   

The heyday of this portal may be over, but it still has countless visitors who are looking for good music every day. The portal offers to stream and download your music.  



The interesting thing about SoundClick is the charts, which are calculated from the number of times the uploaded music has been played. There are also widgets here that can be used elsewhere to draw the attention of other users to your music.  


 Here, too, you can create your artist profile and artist page and upload your music. The widgets available on ReverbNation even allow you to integrate your profile into Facebook and other portals.  


Even the world of streaming services does not have to remain close to you as an aspiring musician without a label behind you. Services like Spinnup serve as a distribution platform and allow you to upload your titles to Spotify. No more than a free registration is necessary for this. Then you log into the artist area and create a release, which will be made available to the world within two to seven working days after an examination.  


 Tunecore takes a similar approach: Do you need a label to share your music with the world? Not at all. Tunecore doesn’t require anything more than creating a free account. In this way, your music reaches more than 150 digital music partners – worldwide. In addition, you will receive 100% of your earnings.  

Soundcloud (The Great Tutorial) Just listen to music and upload it

June 12th, 2021 by

Easily listen to and publish music and podcasts on Soundcloud. In this article, I will explain in detail what you can do with Soundcloud and how everything works.  

First, let’s look at how you can set up Soundcloud and where you can use it all. Then we take a closer look at the interface, where we will also go into detail on how you can listen to content, manage your profile and upload content. Then we’ll also take a look at the premium versions of Soundcloud and take a look at the app. Finally, we will go into the settings.  

1. Set up  

In principle, you can use Soundcloud via the website without registering and listen to music. But as soon as you want to use the app on your smartphone or tablet ( Android / IOS ) or upload your audio files and save and like other people’s tracks, you have to create a free account. You can easily do this on the homepage this using the button of the same name. Here you can easily log in with your Facebook or Google account or with an email address. Then you have to set a password, enter your age and gender, and set a user name. Once you have done all of this, you can confirm your account via your email address and then use all the functions of Soundcloud Free and log into the account on other devices to synchronize your saved songs.  

2. Surface  

The interface of the website is divided into three main areas. In the start area, you will find current recommendations for you such as charts, moods, highlighted artists and albums, and various categories. In the sidebar on the right, you can also see your three most recently played songs and you can also view your entire playback history there. Here you can also delete or filter it completely above. In the “Stream” area you will find all new releases of your followed artists. So you won’t miss any more new content from the people you follow. In the last section “Library” you can manage your music stored on Soundcloud. Here you have an overview of all your different content on the start page. You can also switch directly to your liked songs, create playlists, saved albums, stations and followed people here or in the menu at the top of the library. Here you can select the individual content in each category or remove or unfollow.  

If you click on an artist, you will find yourself on his Soundcloud page, where you can see his name, possibly company, and location with a background picture and a profile picture on the left. Below in the right menu, you can follow or unfollow the person, as well as share them, send a message to the page, and via the three points, block the user or report. You can also create a transmitter at the very front, in which all of the artist’s songs are randomly installed and similar songs are played. On the right side, you can also see the number of people following the artist and how many the artist is following, as well as the number of their uploaded content. Below that there is also an individual description and links to its added websites or social media accounts. Below you can also browse the artist’s followers and see the last comments which were made on a song. On the left side of the artist page, you can also see the current songs of the artist and you can switch to a track, albums, playlist, or reposts section only. You can like any song, album, or playlist using the heart and add it to your library. You can use the loop symbol to repost the selected content on your page or use the symbol next to it to easily share it on other social media platforms. You can also click on individual songs, albums, and playlists where you will get all the relevant information on one page. Like more information about a song, like its comments, Discover the artist as a profile picture and on the right side similar content or the current song in playlists. You can also write a comment directly under a song and add that to a certain point in the song and the song in addition to the standard functions via the three-point menu to your playlist or station or download it if the artist allows it. On the right edge, you can also see the number of views as well as the likes and reposts. In a playlist overview, you can also see the number of tracks at the top and how long the complete playlist is. Below you can see all the songs about which a description from the playlist may be available. Albums are structured in the same way. At the top of the Soundcloud menu, you can also sort all content by songs, artists, albums, and co. Search using the search function and then upgrade directly to a premium subscription if you don’t have one, but more on that later. On the right-hand side, you can also upload your tracks and see your profile name with profile picture, which you can also click to open your profile, as well as to get directly to your likes, stations, followers, and tracks. On the right edge, you have your notifications and messages that people have written to you via your artist page. Via the three-point menu on the far right, you can find all the important information about Soundcloud, where you can also manage your subscriptions and settings at the bottom and log out with your current account. On the right-hand side, you can also upload your tracks and see your profile name with profile picture, which you can also click to open your profile, as well as to get directly to your likes, stations, followers, and tracks. On the right edge, you have your notifications and messages that people have written to you via your artist page. Via the three-point menu on the far right, you can find all the important information about Soundcloud, where you can also manage your subscriptions and settings at the bottom and log out with your current account. On the right-hand side, you can also upload your tracks and see your profile name with profile picture, which you can also click to open your profile, as well as to get directly to your likes, stations, followers, and tracks. On the right edge, you have your notifications and messages that people have written to you via your artist page. Via the three-point menu on the far right, you can find all the important information about Soundcloud, where you can also manage your subscriptions and settings at the bottom and log out with your current account. On the right edge, you have your notifications and messages that people have written to you via your artist page. Via the three-point menu on the far right, you can find all the important information about Soundcloud, where you can also manage your subscriptions and settings at the bottom and log out with your current account. On the right edge, you have your notifications and messages that people have written to you via your artist page. Via the three-point menu on the far right, you can find all the important information about Soundcloud, where you can also manage your subscriptions and settings at the bottom and log out with your current account.  

3. The player


If you have started a song, album, or playlist, this content will be played at the bottom of the player. Here you can jump to the previous or next song on the far right or pause or continue the current song in the middle. You can also start random playback and activate a playlist or song repetition. Next to that, you have the timeline of the song where you can see where you are and you can click into the timeline to fast forward. On the right edge, you can also play the current content on a compatible streaming device, if something like this is available to you, and adjust the volume. Next to it, you can see the cover of the song, as well as the title and the artist above. On the far right, you can like or unlike the song and open your playlist where you can see which songs will be played next and you can also remove individual songs from the list using the X or change the order using drag and drop. You can also add a new song to your playlist on the track page and it will then be added. On the track page of the current song, you can also see the progress of the timeline and what is a super cool and unique feature here is that you always get comments from other users if they have commented on a certain point in the song that you just made hear. That makes the experience a lot more interesting.  

4. Manage profile  

As soon as you have set up an account with Soundcloud, you also have your profile or artist page, which you can access in the menu under your profile name> Profile. This looks exactly like the page of any other artist, only that you can of course edit everything yourself on your page. Here you can click on the profile picture to change it or add a background picture in the upper right corner. Under the background image, you can also manage your sidebar description via Edit, as well as your links and your display name, and your profile URL. You can also enter your full name and location again separately. Back on your profile page you can of course also see all your uploaded tracks, albums, public playlists, and reposts, as well as other users, see it on your Soundcloud account. Remember that on your profile it is also visible which artists you follow on Soundcloud but not which tracks you have all liked.  

5. Upload music  

Of course, in addition to your artist page, you can also upload your songs, albums, and the like. To do this, simply click on “Upload” in the menu at the top and then select an audio file from your computer that should be uploaded. FLAC, WAV, ALAC, or AIFF audio files are recommended for the best possible audio quality, but of course, you can also upload MP3 files, but no videos, e.g. like mp4. Before you upload, you can determine in advance whether the track should be public and if you upload several files at the same time, they will all be added to a common playlist. Once you have started the upload, you can add all the information to your track. Here you can upload a cover on the left and select the title and the song URL on the right. You can also add a genre, tags, and description. The latter two points are very important to be found on Soundcloud, so try adding appropriate terms to your track here. At the bottom, you can then decide whether the song should be public or private. As a premium member, you can also plan songs here. In the metadata area, you can enter further information about the track, such as artist, album, purchase link, release date, record label, and much more that is important for the findability and distribution of your song. But you also have to say that all of this information is optional and if you can’t fill in everything, that’s okay too. Finally, under Permissions, you can also specify whether the song can be downloaded by users, as well as being heard offline, embedded, playable in the app, and not supposed to be in your RSS feed. As a premium member, you also have other options here. Remember that you should only upload tracks to which you have the respective rights. If you do not have this, in extreme cases you may be excluded from the Soundcloud platform. As a free Soundcloud user, you can upload up to 180 minutes of audio material free of charge. You can of course edit all uploaded tracks in your profile overview using the button of the same name. Remember that you should only upload tracks to which you have the respective rights. If you do not have this, in extreme cases you may be excluded from the Soundcloud platform. As a free Soundcloud user, you can upload up to 180 minutes of audio material free of charge. You can of course edit all uploaded tracks in your profile overview using the button of the same name. Remember that you should only upload tracks to which you have the respective rights. If you do not have this, in extreme cases you may be excluded from the Soundcloud platform. As a free Soundcloud user, you can upload up to 180 minutes of audio material free of charge. You can of course edit all uploaded tracks in your profile overview using the button of the same name. 


6. Soundcloud Go & Pro  

As already mentioned, there are also premium versions of Soundcloud. Here you have to differentiate between SoundCloud Pro, which is intended for artists, and SoundCloud Go, which is intended for SoundCloud users. Soundcloud Go is available for € 5.99 per month with which you can listen to all songs completely ad-free on Soundcloud and add any number of songs in the app for offline playback, more on that later. In addition to Soundcloud Go, there is also Go + for € 9.99 per month, where you also have access to all tracks in full length and better audio quality. You can test the latter subscription for 30 days free of charge and as a student, you get it for half the price, which would then also be cheaper than the standard Go variant. You can only test it for 7 days for free. Does the price seem too high for the features? With these subscriptions, Soundcloud is mostly about supporting the various artists with the money they receive through the Go Premium variants.  

As an artist, it is also worth taking a look at the Soundcloud Pro variants, where there are also two different ones. So you can get Soundcloud Pro for € 5.25 a month with an annual payment or € 7 per month with a monthly payment. Here you can upload up to 6 hours of audio material, as well as see extended statistics on your content, as well as set up an individual spotlight area on your profile page and activate the so-called “silent mode” during the upload so that your song cannot be commented on. The application on Soundcloud Premier is also possible with a Pro subscription, with which you can earn money by monetizing your songs and distribute your songs on all major music services. Finally, you can also replace an already uploaded track with a new one without losing the statistics from the old one. For three euros more per month you can also get Soundcloud Pro Unlimited where you pay 8.25 € per month for annual payments and 11 € per month for monthly payments. Here you have the same functions as with the standard Pro version. Only your upload quota is unlimited and only limited to a file size per song of a maximum of 4 GB or 6 hours and 45 minutes. In addition, you can also book the Soundcloud Go + subscription for € 4.99 instead of € 9.99 per month in combination. Here you have the same functions as with the standard Pro version. Only your upload quota is unlimited and only limited to a file size per song of a maximum of 4 GB or 6 hours and 45 minutes. In addition, you can also book the Soundcloud Go + subscription for € 4.99 instead of € 9.99 per month in combination. Here you have the same functions as with the standard Pro version. Only your upload quota is unlimited and only limited to a file size per song of a maximum of 4 GB or 6 hours and 45 minutes. In addition, you can also book the Soundcloud Go + subscription for € 4.99 instead of € 9.99 per month in combination. 


7. App  

Let’s take a quick look at the app for your smartphone or tablet ( Android / IOS). To be able to use this you have to log in with your Soundcloud account. If you have done this successfully, you will find yourself on the start page, which is equivalent in structure to the website. At the bottom of the menu, you can also switch directly to your stream, search, and library, and if you click on a song the player opens, which has the same functions as on the web, which we already discussed earlier. The only thing that is special about the app is that with a Soundcloud Go subscription you can also download it from the overview page of a playlist or album so that you can listen to it offline without an internet connection. You can also take out the SoundCloud Go subscription directly in the app in the last area. In your library, you will also find an extra area for your downloaded content where you can also manage it. At the top-right edge of the app, you can always connect directly to a compatible streaming device and in the library area, you can also call up your public profile and make settings for this. For artists at Soundcloud, there is also the Soundcloud Pulse app, where you can also upload and edit songs directly via the app, as well as manage comments and statistics. We won’t look at this app in this article. For artists at Soundcloud, there is also the Soundcloud Pulse app, where you can also upload and edit songs directly via the app, as well as manage comments and statistics. We won’t look at this app in this article. For artists, at Soundcloud, there is also the Soundcloud Pulse app where you can upload and edit songs directly via the app as well as manage comments and statistics. We won’t look at this app in this article.  

8. Settings  

Finally, let’s take a look at the settings of your Soundcloud account. You can find this on the web via the three-point menu at the top and in the app in the library via your profile picture. On the web under Account, you can manage all your connected social networks, as well as your e-mail address, date of birth, your connected applications and, at the bottom, delete your account. Under Content, you can display your RSS feed and make settings for it. Under “Notifications” you can specify exactly which news you should be notified about by email or app. With streaming, you can change the audio quality if you have a premium subscription and under data protection specify whether everyone is allowed to send you a message, and manage blocked users from you. Under “Notifications, Analytics and Advertising ”you can still determine whether Soundcloud may use your data to better personalize its content for you and to improve its service itself over time. In the app, you can clear the cache under “Basic Settings” and deactivate the comments in the timeline of a song. All the other areas are the same as in the web applications, only under Downloads, you can manage the download quality as well as the storage location of the songs and the downloaded songs themselves if you have a premium subscription. In the app, you can clear the cache under “Basic Settings” and deactivate the comments in the timeline of a song. All the other areas are the same as in the web applications, only under Downloads, you can manage the download quality as well as the storage location of the songs and the downloaded songs themselves if you have a premium subscription. In the app, you can clear the cache under “Basic Settings” and deactivate the comments in the timeline of a song. All the other areas are the same as in the web applications, only under Downloads, you can manage the download quality as well as the storage location of the songs and the downloaded songs themselves if you have a premium subscription.  

How To Use Soundcloud?

June 10th, 2021 by

Do you want to promote and showcase your music, but you don’t know which platform to use? Think about collaborative platforms. They contribute to the creativity, visibility, and autonomy of the artist, provided they are mastered! Let’s talk about Soundcloud for example. 


SoundCloud is a collaborative audio distribution platform on which users can contribute, promote, and distribute their music projects. It is both a listening, promotion, and dissemination platform for artists who post their music online. 

The main function of SoundCloud is to promote your music, beyond the site itself. And yes, it’s wonderful, SoundCloud is connected to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This link with other networks allows all users of the platform to share your music. 

 how to use soundcloud


1) When you create your profile, remember to complete it.

 You must complete your profile so that you are identified (artist name, musical style, description, etc.). Also, make sure to attach your links (Facebook page, YouTube, your site, etc.) and add an email address or a contact. You never know, maybe a producer will pass by and want to contact you! 

2) Use keywords as much as possible. 

For example, every piece of music you post should include your musical style, artist name, and the names of people associated with your production, if there are any. These keywords will allow you to gain visibility on the site, and possibly to be spotted by “tastemakers”. These people are the trends of tomorrow and can bring you sudden popularity. 

3) Visit and use Soundcloud regularly.

 To get you noticed! Comment, like, and respond to the comments that we give you. You can also join groups of artists of the same musical style as you. Also, remember to update your profile regularly: freshness and novelty attract you! 

4) Remember to look at the neighbor. 

Go see from time to time what other artists published in the same musical style as you to get possible inspiration. Likewise, we encourage you to find out about and follow the artists that interest you, to contact them, and add them to your network. 

Take advantage of the influence of other users and networks. Whether it is to reach your target or influential people such as “tastemakers”, this step is necessary to optimize your impact in terms of visibility and popularity. 



1) Avoid uploading all your music. Why? Quite simply because when you discover an artist, you only listen to a few titles: either the most recent or the most listened to. So, post your most successful pieces and the most representative of what you produce. Better quality work than unfinished work, right? 

2) Refrain from advertising on other people’s pages.

 Do not use other artists’ comment spaces to advertise yourself. You risk losing more than winning. Nobody appreciates this kind of practice … 

3) Prohibition to steal the work of another artist.

 We cannot repeat it enough but beware of copyright! You are breaking the law if you ever risk posting content that is not yours. 

If you would like to learn more about your rights on Soundcloud, we invite you to visit the SoundCloud policy. Now all you have to do is jump into the SoundCloud experience, create your profile and post your music online. We hope you will be the influential new musical artists of tomorrow. 

Everything You Need To Know About Soundcloud

June 10th, 2021 by
Indeed the name says it all. SoundCloud is an audio storage cloud platform. With SoundCloud, you can discover, download, and upload any audio-related content you like!
SoundCloud is a piece of hugely popular music and audio platform that lets you upload and store audio content, discover new songs and podcasts or connect with fans (if you’re a singer, professional or amateur) and other musicians. You can even stream music if you use SoundCloud Go+. If you are new to SoundCloud, this article will help you better understand some information about SoundCloud.

What is SoundCloud?

As mentioned above, SoundCloud is an online platform specializing in music and audio, which they claim to be “the world’s largest platform for music and sound”, officially in operation since 2008. SoundCloud serves many people, with many different purposes. Some will use it to store music and sounds; others see it as a great place to upload and broadcast podcasts.
In addition, SoundCloud also serves as a place where musicians can connect directly with fans and hear their opinions on the songs they have just posted.
SoundCloud is an open platform. Because of the very strict terms of some audio streaming and hosting services, there are certain complex barriers between users and their content. As for SoundCloud, they are always looking for ways to optimize and make sharing and streaming audio easy and transparent.
SoundCloud is a bit like YouTube (only music and no video, of course) in that anyone can upload their content, and when it’s public, everyone else can find it and listen to that content. Emerging musicians often put their music on SoundCloud. Podcasters often share their shows to SoundCloud while “audio engineers” usually upload their audio related projects or experiments.
This list of course does not stop here, you can gradually explore the process of using SoundCloud. In short, SoundCloud is a repository of content related to all genres of audio that you can easily find and stream anytime you have an Internet connection.

What platforms can SoundCloud work on?

Up to now, SoundCloud works on 6 platforms: Web (, iOS (free, you can download from AppStore), Android (free, you can download from PlayStore), Windows 10 (currently in beta), Xbox One (free, you can download it from the Xbox App Store), and Sonos.
SoundCloud will also support the Google Home platform as soon as possible.

How to listen to music from SoundCloud?

Too simple! You just need to create an account or log in (if you already have an account). Then, you type in the search box what you want. It can be a song, the name of a musician – singer, the name of a podcast, etc. SoundCloud will return a list of results in which you can click to listen. If you don’t know what to listen to, SoundCloud has a chart called SoundCloud Top 50, which includes the 50 most popular songs for you to listen to and follow the music. Signing up for an account on SoundCloud couldn’t be easier either. You can use your Facebook account, Google account, or any email address. After the signing up is completed, you can find and follow your favorite musicians and singers, or listen to SoundCloud’s recommendations (based on what you have heard, and liked before).

Does SoundCloud cost a fee?

The answer is it depends! SoundCloud is a free service for every listener and content creator. Everyone can listen to and upload music without any cost. But it also offers “premium” features that if you want to use, you have to pay a little extra.
SoundCloud Subscription Plans

SoundCloud Subscription Plans

What is SoundCloud Go?

SoundCloud Go and Go+ are two music streaming services of SoundCloud. It offers the same functionality as Spotify or Apple Music, meaning you can stream music and audio in the SoundCloud app and on the SoundCloud website. Most of these features are provided by SoundCloud for free to users, but if you want to download music to listen to offline and remove ads, you will have to pay.

What is SoundCloud Pro?

SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited are paid services exclusively for content creators. According to SoundCloud, there are 175 million users listening to music on their platform every month. Content creators can pay to upload more content, as well as monitor more information system statistics about their content. If you want to release a song, a weekly content podcast, or want to share an impressive rock album that you’ve worked hard to complete, you should subscribe to SoundCloud Pro.


Above is all I want to share with you about SoundCloud. Surely after reading this article, you have a better understanding of SoundCloud. Thank you so much for reading these last few lines. Follow us to get more useful articles!

Register at Soundcloud – this is how it works

June 8th, 2021 by

Registering with the Soundcloud platform is quick. We’ll show you how it’s done in the app and on the website.


You don’t necessarily have to create an account with Soundcloud to listen to tracks on the platform, but you do need one if you want to upload your own music and content to SoundCloud. You can also use an account to like songs, re-share them on your SoundCloud profile, add them to a playlist, or fellow artists. How to log in to Soundcloud, read the following.

How to sign in to Soundcloud

  • Smartphone app
  • Desktop version

Smartphone app

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Step 1:

Open the Soundcloud app on your smartphone. Then tap on the button “Create an account”.

Step 2:

You then have the choice to log in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account or to register directly with your email. To illustrate this, we choose to register by email. Enter your e-mail address and a password in the fields provided and then tap on “Register with e-mail”.

Step 3:

Then you agree to the terms of use by tapping “Accept and continue”.

Step 4:

You will then have to provide your age and gender. Then tap on “Continue”.

Step 5:

You then have the option of choosing a profile picture and a name. Here tap on “Save and continue”.

Step 6:

Sie haben dann erfolgreich einen Account bei Soundcloud erstellt.

Desktop version

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

Step 1:

Go to in your web browser and click on “Create an account” in the top right corner.

Step 2:

If you have a Facebook, Google, or Apple account, you can click the appropriate button to use it to sign in to SoundCloud. You also have the option of registering with your email address. We will explain this method here. So enter your email address in the field provided and then click “Continue”.

Step 3:

Now set a password and then agree to the terms of use by clicking the “Accept and continue” button.

Step 4:

Then set your age and gender, and then click Continue.

Step 5:

You can then enter a profile name. Then click on “Get started”.

Step 6:

You have then successfully created an account with Soundcloud.

Quick guide: App

  • Open the Soundcloud app and tap “Create an Account”.
  • Now enter your e-mail and click on “Register with e-mail”. You can also sign in with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account.
  • Then agree to the terms of use by tapping “Accept and continue”.
  • Then enter your age and gender and tap “Continue”.
  • You can then choose a profile picture and name.
  • Tap “Save and Continue” and you have successfully created an account.

Quick start guide: Desktop

  • Open the website in your browser and click on “Create account” in the top right corner.
  • Now enter your email address and then click on “Continue”. If you have a Facebook, Google, or Apple account, you can use that to sign in too.
  • Then set a password and then click “Accept and continue” to agree to the terms of use.
  • Then set your age and gender and click “Continue”.
  • You can then set a profile name.
  • If you click on “Get started” now, you will have created your Soundcloud account.

Fils de Luxe presents Audius, the music platform of tomorrow

June 8th, 2021 by

In the world of music streaming, one of the major issues is the remuneration of artists. Today, many platforms take the majority of commissions, and musicians only receive a tiny portion of the purchase they make. But Audius is changing the situation. In order to better understand how the platform works, we spoke with Fils de Luxe, the French duo has climbed to 24th place in the “Underground Trends” for a day.

Fils de Luxe

How did you find out about the Audius app?

Romain: We had fun playing with cryptocurrency a bit and Aurélien found Audius’ one, called AUDIO. He got interested in the project so we downloaded the app and got to know the environment. We will be using it for a month or two. That’s not bad, we have around 700 followers, compared to 140 on YouTube, and we accumulate a lot more streams in a month. We are also followed by foreign people, which makes us an audience outside our borders.

Audius promises 90% compensation for artists, while we are on 12% on other streaming platforms. How do they manage to generate a profit despite this?

Aurélien: Audius has mined its own cryptocurrency. So they own 100% of the base of their currency, much as if they had made money. Then they put this cryptocurrency on the markets and it is now on big platforms, like Binance (note: value multiplied by 500 since). This is the money they use to pay artists. In and of itself, if the app crashes and their currency isn’t worth anything, that’s not very good for artists. On the other hand, if the Audio crypto continues to rise … It’s money that they created, suddenly coming out of nowhere. It’s a kind of bubble: it can keep climbing, but if it bursts it’s over.

As artists, do you have to invest at some point or it’s all free?

Romain: No, everything is free. After that, it is the artist’s choice whether or not to download his sounds for free. They are of good quality and download very quickly. I took the test, frankly hat!

On their site, they claim to have the best audio quality of any streaming service, is that the case?

Aurélien: You need devices to measure that, it depends on the medium on which you are listening. On Spotify, I don’t think we would see a huge difference. On the other hand on YouTube and on big speakers, it is noticeable. Even if you don’t notice it, the sound hurts your ears less. It’s great that they don’t compress the sound too much because it’s still intended for audiophiles.

Romain: Yes, we thought the sounds were better because they might be less compressed than on other platforms. That’s why you can sometimes have gaps between the sounds a little bigger than on YouTube, but on the other hand, it sounds better.

Is there a certain musical sector more represented than the others or we can really find everything on Audius?

Aurélien: As on SoundCloud, I think that we will find very few old songs there, a lot of recent things, original content posted by the artists who make the sounds, a lot of remixes… and I have the impression that this ‘is very electro.

Romain: Depending on who you add, you can really have anything. Yesterday, I even had a choir of priests, people who recite stuff… But there is still a lot of electro, core, trance.

Are the artists predominantly American or is it well distributed globally?

Aurélien: For the moment it’s mostly American. All the famous artists who supported the basic project like deadmau5, the main featured artist of the platform, or Skrillex, are American.

Do you think Audius can make apps like Spotify obsolete?

Romain: I think so. SoundCloud can go out of business tomorrow. Already you have to pay to upload a sound on the platform, we really take the artists for puppets. YouTube has an interest in making a cheaper premium offer, as does Spotify and the company. For me it’s over, I even want to delete my SoundCloud profile. I’m saving YouTube for the clips for now because I don’t have much of a choice.

Aurélien: I think Audius’ direct competitor is not Spotify but SoundCloud. The point of Spotify is really not to emerging artists, which is the case with SoundCloud. It’s not about discovery, it’s mostly about listening to what you already know. It’s a different service.

How do you explain that the application is not better known?

Aurélien: I’m sure it will be, but it takes time, it’s the curve it takes. I think the electronic music/cryptocurrency combo right now is for people who are a bit geeky.

What are the main areas for improvement in the application according to you?

Romain: You can’t download a sound on the phone, nor share everything as you would like. It lacks a bit of setting.

Aurélien: The downside is that there are a lot of artists that cannot be found on Audius yet. But it is also in the construction of the app, in its identity. There is no video part either. But you have to remember that this is a very recent project, it’s six months old, so that’s okay.

Romain: And then they still have a huge margin for improvement. Just the AUDIO price is not going to stop growing like this.

The final word?

Aurélien: We are very happy because we had very good results in a very short time. It’s a bit like the app, and it sounds like dirt. It allows people to pay the artists they listen to without spending too much, it’s good for everyone!

Romain: We have two / three sounds in preparation. We’re going to post a sound in a few days, and we have some stuff coming up. We usually leave a sound for a week on Audius before sharing it on YouTube, to encourage people to migrate to this platform.

BTS: RM presents his new solo track “Bicycle”

June 8th, 2021 by

SEOUL, June 07 (Yonhap) – K-pop band Bangtan Boys frontman and rapper RM presented his new solo track “Bicycle” on YouTube and SoundCloud for free on Monday.


He posted an explanation of the new song on the boy band’s blog, saying that “I’ve always wanted to compose a song about bicycles,” adding: “When I put my feet on the pedals, I always feel a bit sad. Maybe, I have a lot of things that I miss. […] In any case, it’s a rare moment when I feel physically the freest. “

“I wanted to convey the blurry and elusive landscapes that I think of when I ride the bicycle, in a song,” he said on this blog with the lyrics to “Bicycle”. The BTS rapper had presented three years ago in solo “mono.”, A mixtape that took 26th place on the American Billboard 200 chart.

He explained that “Bicycle” is a composition of the melody and lyrics added to the guitar music played by John Eun. Emphasizing the composition of the lyrics, RM said: “It’s true that I composed the lyrics while riding the bicycle, I even forgot how many times I baritone them.”

RM is a BTS leader and rapper, but he is also a songwriter. He participated in the production of albums for the group whose first single topped the Billboard Hot 100, “Butter”.

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