Spotify vs Soundcloud – Which is the best music service?

Spotify and SoundCloud are two of the best platforms for music lovers. Compare Spotify and SoundCloud to see which music service to choose.


Spotify is a very powerful, popular, and easy-to-use platform for music lovers. One of the biggest advantages of Spotify is having a large, free music database where you can find all the best music and it’s completely free if we may add.

Spotify brings moods and genres that give you a current feel and vibe that you’re playing the right music.

If you’re practicing and trying to lift your spirits, you can choose a Boost Confidence playlist and the music will follow your current state of mind.


Also with Spotify, you can get some song and music recommendations based on the songs you listen to every day.

For some really big music lovers, you can also pay a little and have the option to download your playlist and you can also listen to it offline.


SoundCloud is also a very popular and good platform used by many music lovers. Some would say it’s the best place for lesser-known artists and remixes and covers.

If you take a closer look, you’ll find all you need to know about SoundCloud in their tagline. You can listen to what you love and share the sounds you make on this amazing audio platform.

So basically you’ll have an app with access to popular music as well as some unique and rare mixes and sounds that you won’t find anywhere else.

So, it’s easy to say that SoundCloud reaches different music lovers and audiences with the best streaming services.


In addition, SoundCloud also allows you to listen to radio stations with songs similar to your favorite.

One of the best things about SoundCloud is that the add-ons are very short and very timely, so you can run on add-ons that are very rarely able to skip and get back to your music. , this is a very nice and useful part of the service that SoundCloud provides.

From here, we can easily conclude that you cannot choose one over the other. It’s simple, both are great for music lovers.

You can use both for a variety of reasons, if you want to create your own playlists and have a variety of music you listen to every day with Spotify and if you want an emotional boost or some status-appropriate music your current with SoundCloud.

Both are very good and give you the best possible experience, of course, it depends on what you are looking for.


In terms of music quality, Spotify is far ahead of Sound Cloud. However, customer-generated playlists are being made available in Sound Cloud, and that’s probably the only thing that could benefit them.

Nothing else can help them get ahead of Spotify. In terms of paid subscribers, Spotify holds the largest number and the number now reaches 70 million. Meanwhile, Sound Cloud has only 3 million paid subscribers.

Soundcloud and Spotify are two of the most relevant audio streaming services on the internet today. Both are powerful and inspired to provide the best quality at the cheapest price.

That’s why it can be difficult to judge which one is the best. However, while discussing Spotify vs SoundCloud, it must be considered that each platform offers a different type of streaming experience. Anyhow, here we are placing two of the most powerful music streaming platforms.


soundcloud vs spotify

An overview of important factors such as music library, sound quality, AI-based automatic playlists, and music recommendations. In addition, we will evaluate them by discussing the pros and cons as well as the technical specifications.

Sound quality and music library

In terms of sound quality, there is nothing to match Spotify, as it offers true lossless music.

If you are using the free version with banner ads, you will be provided with 160kbps audio and you will be able to manage your digital music files.

Moreover, with built-in social networking features, you can connect with many other users.

If you’re on the $9.99 paid Spotify plan, it offers unlimited access to 30 million tracks. The paid version will also have pre-releases, songs on demand, and offline playback.

The paid version also offers true lossless music quality at 320 kbps, AAC. In terms of music quality, you will be disappointed when comparing SoundCloud with Spotify, as SoundCloud is offering 128 kbps.

About music catalog and library

SoundCloud is offering more than 125 million songs and all are free. These songs are also user-uploaded, and it creates an opportunity for SoundCloud to be seen as an important competitor to music streaming giants like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music, and more. other similar types of streaming services.

Whenever music or song is uploaded to the SoundCloud server, it is automatically converted to 128 kbps audio format and this music quality is relatively poor compared to other competitors like Spotify and Apple Music.

So if you want to know which will provide better music quality, it would be Spotify.

In terms of music catalog and library, SoundCloud will have a deep collection, as its library is created by users and users can upload their songs directly to SoundCloud. SoundCloud has never been able to match Spotify’s quality.


Both of these streaming service providers cover almost all types of platforms. Here, Spotify can be accessed from Android iOS, smartphones, Macs, PCs, and game consoles.

More importantly, it is accessible through web browsers. Sound Cloud, on the other hand, has two mobile apps. The main app focuses on streaming and sharing features.

However, there is another app called SoundCloud Pulse which is only released for Android and iOS. Like Xbox, it also has apps available for Mac and Windows.

Share on social networks

Spotify and Soundcloud both allow users to share their playlists on social media. Spotify users are also allowed to explore other users’ playlists.

SoundCloud also works similarly and it allows music downloaders to share music or playlists on any social media platform.


In terms of specifications, SoundCloud’s performance is worse, as its paid plan audio quality only offers 128 kbps mp3 format.

It does not provide any platform or specific application for Mac OS and Mac Users will have to use it from web browsers.

SoundCloud and Spotify both offer offline download and playlist sharing.

When it comes to specification, Spotify should be considered the best, as it offers 320 kbps Ogg Vorbis music quality and it is called true lossless music.

Apart from Spotify, only Tidal offers lossless music and the price is also higher. Where Spotify offers lossless music for $9.99 a month, Tidal costs $19.99 per month.

Using Spotify, users will be able to share their playlists and they will also be allowed to explore other users’ playlists. Also, its AI-based music recommendation is considered the best.


Huge music collection and super quick access to previous releases as well as newly released songs

Spotify has a huge music collection with over 30 million songs and paid users will have unlimited access to all of them.

Additionally, paid subscribers will also be able to access pre-releases and newly released songs.

Because Spotify has the largest network agencies that work closely with artists, Spotify also offers the largest collection of pre-releases.

Sorted Playlist

If you’re thinking of constantly finding new music, curated playlists in Spotify would be a great way to do it, as Spotify adjusts users’ playlists regularly and recommends playlists. It depends on the user’s choice and listening behavior.

A suitable free version

The free version may not offer the best quality, but it will give you access to the library. However, there will be ads and you won’t be able to split the music as often, but the free version is worth a try!

Artist-related content like artist interviews, bios…

It was mentioned that Spotify has the closest network of collaborations with artists and has always maintained close interaction with the artists.

Spotify is known for regularly producing artist-related content like interviews and biographies.

A great algorithm for discovering weekly playlists

Also, Spotify’s AI-based technology is a real treat, as it provides a great algorithm for discovering weekly playlists and sharing them with paid subscribers.


Artist registration

While using SoundCloud, users will be able to subscribe to artists. Since SoundCloud is entirely made up of content uploaded by artists, users will be able to follow their favorite artists and it’s the same as following your favorite artists on YouTube.


SoundCloud provides links to related music based on your listening behavior, however, its AI-based technology does not match the technology Spotify is offering.

The ability to follow everyone

SoundCloud offers the option to follow people, and this way users will be able to listen to other people’s playlists.

Whenever your individual or personal followers select a song as a favorite, you will be notified immediately.

The Discover tab constantly offers new music

SoundCloud comes with a discovery tab and regularly offers new music. In addition, the discovery board can be customized on a genre or tag basis.

Since SoundCloud has a huge collection of over 125 million songs, (although most of them are not worth listening to, as there are no filters in the upload process and anyone can upload almost anything) so SoundCloud constantly appears new music.

Free to use

SoundCloud is completely free to use and you don’t need to log in or sign up for an account to listen to SoundCloud, which makes it more of a radio streaming service.


While there are very few downsides to using Spotify, let’s take a look at those. The free Spotify account has a lot of ads and it must be considered one of the most annoying downsides. Also, the free version won’t let you skip regular songs.

That means you have to listen to the playlist they are offering if you don’t buy a subscription. Even then, the free version is still worth listening to because it offers AI-based playlists curated according to your listening habits.

Unfortunately, the free version of Spotify doesn’t offer more than 128 kpbs, but it’s better than the quality of music SoundCloud has to offer.


While comparing SoundCloud’s cons to Spotify’s cons, SoundCloud would be wiped out pretty easily. One of the most terrible problems that SoundCloud users are facing is its bugs.

SoundCloud’s website is poorly maintained and it has a lot of problems. According to a recent survey conducted among music streaming service listeners, the SoundCloud website was voted the worst-performing platform.

Websites and apps are full of bugs, including notifications and favorites. As a user-oriented streaming platform, uploading music should go smoothly with SoundCloud, however, the most difficult thing is that uploading music and audio is quite difficult when using SoundCloud

SoundCloud’s sound quality is terrible when compared to other streaming providers like Apple, Amazon, and Google Music.

While Amazon and Google Music are offering the same bitrate, 128kbps, SoundCloud’s audio is often pretty sketchy. Some SoundCloud content also includes sponsored podcasts and audio ads, thus resulting in poorer quality.

Moreover, SoundCloud may have a collection of 125 million songs, but expert opinion is not so, as most of them are songs by new singers or singers who want to be singers. singers and you know exactly, the number of that kind of singers in the world.

Apart from all of this, you won’t be able to perform advanced searches when using SoundCloud. To be precise, you won’t be able to perform custom searches when using SoundCloud.

Users have also reported issues when performing advanced searches and SoundCloud’s internal search engine unable to perform tag-based searches.

If a song has the tag “Dirt” and if you put “Dirt” in the search box, you will not show the correct results. Instead, you must search for the same uploader who uploaded the song or track with the “dirty” tag.

SoundCloud also has a paid version and costs around $7 per month, however, we recommend against it, like Spotify, Google Music, Apple, and Amazon all offer paid subscriptions for just $9.99. la every month.


comparison soundcloud vs spotify

Spotify has become the best music streaming service provider, as it has over 65 million paid subscribers. Its closest rival is Apple Music is somewhere between 35-40 million paid subscribers, according to their latest annual report. However, you’ve got better music quality at a reasonable price, there’s no substitute for Spotify.

In terms of dominance, Spotify dominates the Australian market, as Apple and Google have very few paid subscribers there and Amazon is just starting its journey in Australia. When it comes to Europe, both Apple and Spotify are working hard to offer the best at the cheapest prices.

However, if we consider the number of paid subscriptions, Spotify will also beat Apple in Europe. While looking at the US, Apple only surpassed Spotify in terms of paid subscriptions.