How To Use Soundcloud?

Do you want to promote and showcase your music, but you don’t know which platform to use? Think about collaborative platforms. They contribute to the creativity, visibility, and autonomy of the artist, provided they are mastered! Let’s talk about Soundcloud for example. 


SoundCloud is a collaborative audio distribution platform on which users can contribute, promote, and distribute their music projects. It is both a listening, promotion, and dissemination platform for artists who post their music online. 

The main function of SoundCloud is to promote your music, beyond the site itself. And yes, it’s wonderful, SoundCloud is connected to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This link with other networks allows all users of the platform to share your music. 

 how to use soundcloud


1) When you create your profile, remember to complete it.

 You must complete your profile so that you are identified (artist name, musical style, description, etc.). Also, make sure to attach your links (Facebook page, YouTube, your site, etc.) and add an email address or a contact. You never know, maybe a producer will pass by and want to contact you! 

2) Use keywords as much as possible. 

For example, every piece of music you post should include your musical style, artist name, and the names of people associated with your production, if there are any. These keywords will allow you to gain visibility on the site, and possibly to be spotted by “tastemakers”. These people are the trends of tomorrow and can bring you sudden popularity. 

3) Visit and use Soundcloud regularly.

 To get you noticed! Comment, like, and respond to the comments that we give you. You can also join groups of artists of the same musical style as you. Also, remember to update your profile regularly: freshness and novelty attract you! 

4) Remember to look at the neighbor. 

Go see from time to time what other artists published in the same musical style as you to get possible inspiration. Likewise, we encourage you to find out about and follow the artists that interest you, to contact them, and add them to your network. 

Take advantage of the influence of other users and networks. Whether it is to reach your target or influential people such as “tastemakers”, this step is necessary to optimize your impact in terms of visibility and popularity. 



1) Avoid uploading all your music. Why? Quite simply because when you discover an artist, you only listen to a few titles: either the most recent or the most listened to. So, post your most successful pieces and the most representative of what you produce. Better quality work than unfinished work, right? 

2) Refrain from advertising on other people’s pages.

 Do not use other artists’ comment spaces to advertise yourself. You risk losing more than winning. Nobody appreciates this kind of practice … 

3) Prohibition to steal the work of another artist.

 We cannot repeat it enough but beware of copyright! You are breaking the law if you ever risk posting content that is not yours. 

If you would like to learn more about your rights on Soundcloud, we invite you to visit the SoundCloud policy. Now all you have to do is jump into the SoundCloud experience, create your profile and post your music online. We hope you will be the influential new musical artists of tomorrow.