Everything You Need To Know About Soundcloud

Indeed the name says it all. SoundCloud is an audio storage cloud platform. With SoundCloud, you can discover, download, and upload any audio-related content you like! SoundCloud is a piece of hugely popular music and audio platform that lets you upload and store audio content, discover new songs and podcasts or connect with fans (if you’re a singer, professional or amateur) and other musicians. You can even stream music if you use SoundCloud Go+. If you are new to SoundCloud, this article will help you better understand some information about SoundCloud.

What is SoundCloud?

As mentioned above, SoundCloud is an online platform specializing in music and audio, which they claim to be “the world’s largest platform for music and sound”, officially in operation since 2008. SoundCloud serves many people, with many different purposes. Some will use it to store music and sounds; others see it as a great place to upload and broadcast podcasts. In addition, SoundCloud also serves as a place where musicians can connect directly with fans and hear their opinions on the songs they have just posted. SoundCloud is an open platform. Because of the very strict terms of some audio streaming and hosting services, there are certain complex barriers between users and their content. As for SoundCloud, they are always looking for ways to optimize and make sharing and streaming audio easy and transparent. SoundCloud is a bit like YouTube (only music and no video, of course) in that anyone can upload their content, and when it’s public, everyone else can find it and listen to that content. Emerging musicians often put their music on SoundCloud. Podcasters often share their shows to SoundCloud while “audio engineers” usually upload their audio related projects or experiments. This list of course does not stop here, you can gradually explore the process of using SoundCloud. In short, SoundCloud is a repository of content related to all genres of audio that you can easily find and stream anytime you have an Internet connection.

What platforms can SoundCloud work on?

Up to now, SoundCloud works on 6 platforms: Web (soundcloud.com), iOS (free, you can download from AppStore), Android (free, you can download from PlayStore), Windows 10 (currently in beta), Xbox One (free, you can download it from the Xbox App Store), and Sonos. SoundCloud will also support the Google Home platform as soon as possible.

How to listen to music from SoundCloud?

Too simple! You just need to create an account or log in (if you already have an account). Then, you type in the search box what you want. It can be a song, the name of a musician – singer, the name of a podcast, etc. SoundCloud will return a list of results in which you can click to listen. If you don’t know what to listen to, SoundCloud has a chart called SoundCloud Top 50, which includes the 50 most popular songs for you to listen to and follow the music. Signing up for an account on SoundCloud couldn’t be easier either. You can use your Facebook account, Google account, or any email address. After the signing up is completed, you can find and follow your favorite musicians and singers, or listen to SoundCloud’s recommendations (based on what you have heard, and liked before).

Does SoundCloud cost a fee?

The answer is it depends! SoundCloud is a free service for every listener and content creator. Everyone can listen to and upload music without any cost. But it also offers “premium” features that if you want to use, you have to pay a little extra.
SoundCloud Subscription Plans

SoundCloud Subscription Plans

What is SoundCloud Go?

SoundCloud Go and Go+ are two music streaming services of SoundCloud. It offers the same functionality as Spotify or Apple Music, meaning you can stream music and audio in the SoundCloud app and on the SoundCloud website. Most of these features are provided by SoundCloud for free to users, but if you want to download music to listen to offline and remove ads, you will have to pay.

What is SoundCloud Pro?

SoundCloud Pro and Pro Unlimited are paid services exclusively for content creators. According to SoundCloud, there are 175 million users listening to music on their platform every month. Content creators can pay to upload more content, as well as monitor more information system statistics about their content. If you want to release a song, a weekly content podcast, or want to share an impressive rock album that you’ve worked hard to complete, you should subscribe to SoundCloud Pro.


Above is all I want to share with you about SoundCloud. Surely after reading this article, you have a better understanding of SoundCloud. Thank you so much for reading these last few lines. Follow us to get more useful articles!