BTS: RM presents his new solo track “Bicycle”

SEOUL, June 07 (Yonhap) – K-pop band Bangtan Boys frontman and rapper RM presented his new solo track “Bicycle” on YouTube and SoundCloud for free on Monday.


He posted an explanation of the new song on the boy band’s blog, saying that “I’ve always wanted to compose a song about bicycles,” adding: “When I put my feet on the pedals, I always feel a bit sad. Maybe, I have a lot of things that I miss. […] In any case, it’s a rare moment when I feel physically the freest. “

“I wanted to convey the blurry and elusive landscapes that I think of when I ride the bicycle, in a song,” he said on this blog with the lyrics to “Bicycle”. The BTS rapper had presented three years ago in solo “mono.”, A mixtape that took 26th place on the American Billboard 200 chart.

He explained that “Bicycle” is a composition of the melody and lyrics added to the guitar music played by John Eun. Emphasizing the composition of the lyrics, RM said: “It’s true that I composed the lyrics while riding the bicycle, I even forgot how many times I baritone them.”

RM is a BTS leader and rapper, but he is also a songwriter. He participated in the production of albums for the group whose first single topped the Billboard Hot 100, “Butter”.

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