10 sites you should upload your music to

If you want the masses to hear your music, you should make it available to the world through these ten online services. The sites mentioned here offer you the opportunity to distribute EPs or entire albums for free – without a label. Some services even open the gates to the largest streaming portals for you. And who knows how many new fans of your music can be found as a result?  

Perhaps uploading your music to these websites and online services is not your best bet and maybe, as a reader of Delamar suggested by email, you can even attract more people to you, your band, and your music with classified ads in local newspapers and Ebay Clues.   

But one thing is still clear: Those who do not offer their music on the international marketplace are missing out on thousands and thousands of opportunities to find new fans of their music. And the effort for this is even relatively clear: It only costs your time. There are numerous portals out there that offer a variety of options, and for this article, I have simply picked out ten that I have particularly noticed in the past and linked them for you. Have fun with it!


YouTube is a video portal. But there are so many people here that it makes sense to upload your music here and add a short video. YouTube is one of the portals with the most hits. And you know yourself that clicks on YouTube are worth gold in our digital times. Uploading songs or concert videos or recordings from the rehearsal room is easy and quick on YouTube.  


 On this portal, those interested can combine their favorite music into a radio station. Here, among other things, commercial bands and songs are played alongside the music of unknown bands. last. fm is sure to become even more popular in the future.  



 If you make your music available on the Internet under a Creative Commons license, then Jamendo is the right contact for you. There are fantastic bands here. In addition to EPs, Jamendo can also publish entire albums and – depending on the license you choose – release them for further exploitation. In addition, the site’s download archives are free of advertising.  

how to use soundcloud


In the course of its existence, SoundCloud has blossomed into THE online music service, and yet it has already experienced many a downturn. Your music is in good hands here. The cooperation and advertising platform serve many A&R managers as a hunting ground. Your uploaded pieces can be released for download and can be easily integrated into websites.  



 Bandcamp is exactly the right place for (still) less well-known artists. Here you not only make yourself heard: you get valuable feedback and constructive criticism from other musicians and you can also sell records. Another plus: the integration into common social networks is done in no time. Songs can be listened to online in full length and, if desired, downloaded for a fee.  


The heyday of this portal may be over, but it still has countless visitors who are looking for good music every day. The portal offers to stream and download your music.  



The interesting thing about SoundClick is the charts, which are calculated from the number of times the uploaded music has been played. There are also widgets here that can be used elsewhere to draw the attention of other users to your music.  


 Here, too, you can create your artist profile and artist page and upload your music. The widgets available on ReverbNation even allow you to integrate your profile into Facebook and other portals.  


Even the world of streaming services does not have to remain close to you as an aspiring musician without a label behind you. Services like Spinnup serve as a distribution platform and allow you to upload your titles to Spotify. No more than a free registration is necessary for this. Then you log into the artist area and create a release, which will be made available to the world within two to seven working days after an examination.  


 Tunecore takes a similar approach: Do you need a label to share your music with the world? Not at all. Tunecore doesn’t require anything more than creating a free account. In this way, your music reaches more than 150 digital music partners – worldwide. In addition, you will receive 100% of your earnings.